.Government Grants 1.5 trillion available for 2010
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Free Cash Grants are being funded by the U.S. Government and Private Foundations. These Grants are Funded from Your Tax Dollars. The Private Foundations Use the Grants as a Tax Write-Off! This Free Government Money can be used for any purpose you can imagine. Start a Business, Go to College, Buy a House, or Medical Bills.

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home grants, busines grants, woman grants, education grants, pell grants

(2010 Edition)...

Our Grant Information System Includes:

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All clients will Receive a Free Consultation with our Start-Up Grant Specialists. They will help you fill out a complete profile of where you are now, and assist you in developing a plan that will help you achieve your financial goals. The Start-Up Specialists can help you find the grant designed just for you. We are the only Company in United States offering this service!

Grant Guide (Our #1 Best Seller) This guide was specifically created to provide you with all the Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets for hunting down and obtaining Government Grants, Who has the money, Types of government grants available through state and Federal agencies, How to write a grant, Samples of winning grant proposals, How to put together a perfect business plan, How to fill out your application & much much more! (This is the 2010 Edition!)
Our Grant Information System Includes: Complete listing of Government Grants by Category & Agency! (Business Grants, Women's Grants, Minority Grants, College Grants, Housing Grants, Medical Grants...etc.) We will show you how much money is available, where to apply, names of specific individuals to apply to, and also applications for each of the specific grants!
Complete listing of Government Loan Programs: For Business, Housing, Woman & Minorities (low interest & no interest loans available)
Receive instant access to 100% of the Federal and State Programs!
Complete listing of Government College Grants & Scholarships! (Both Under-graduates and post-graduates. Special Grants just for Nursing)
SBA Loans for Women & Minorities!
Actual Government Applications Included Free with every order!
Fabulous Grant Writing Software absolutely Free of charge with every order!
Professional Business Plan Software. Simply point and click your way to a perfectly written Business Plan! Free with every order!
Bonus Gifts#1 - 85 Money Making Opportunities! Use these freebies to start your very own business! Free with every order!
Bonus Gifts#2 - Info Mail Software. Complete Software for starting your very own Mail-Order Business! Free with every order!
Bonus Gifts#3 - Foundation Links.
Bonus Gifts#4 - Foreclosures Nationwide Bank REO & Distressed Property!
Bonus Gifts#5 - Venture Capital Database.
Although we have every confidence in our fabulous Free Cash Grant product we realize that not everyone will be 100% satisfied. That is why we are offering our 100% Six Month money back guarantee.

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We have assembled a team of highly trained professionals which in turn has created The Most Recent, Accurate & Complete Grant Information System on the Market! We have dedicated ourselves to providing a high quality program at a reasonable price that provides not only thousands of sources for government grants but also instructs you in the most important step and that is the grant writing proposal. Click Here for details

We provide you with step by step instructions on How to write and even word your proposal. Also included with every order are the actual Applications needed to receive your government grants. The Grant Writing Software even helps you to fill out the applications!

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